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  Do you have enough officers to adequately handle your calls for service? How do you know?

          Perhaps, like many other departments, you are facing budgetary constraints (in spite of the upbeat economy!) Sometimes it seems as though politicians are willing to fund anything except public safety. Are you continually trying to convince your elected officials that staffing levels are critical to maintain adequate response times, high clearance rates, positive morale, etc.? It may not be that the politicians don't believe your requests for more officers, but sometimes they pay less attention than they should because they "expect" you to say you need more officers especially if you cannot back up your needs through empirical data.

  Do you have a specific administrative or operational concern that should be addressed, but don't have the time, expertise or manpower to study these problems?

          Some chiefs are looking at lack of funding for training, or supervisory positions not being filled, or need an objective analysis of high liability areas such as evidence handling, fiscal management, etc. How can you objectively analyze these needs and report to your politicians? Do you think they are tired of your repetitive comments (they might call it "complaining") at the monthly board meeting? Let us objectively evaluate your needs in any number of high liability areas and offer an administrative study with documented findings and specific recommendations.

  Are you considering consolidating your police department with a neighboring agency but don't know how to determine staffing needs or objectively plan other critical administrative matters?

          Small municipalities are continually facing the need to balance public safety with fiscal soundness. Sometimes this leads to the threat (or reality ) of consolidating police services between municipalities. This is a major step that needs to be carefully planned by police professionals --- not politicians!

There are too many people waiting to sue you!
  "Police Management Services" can prepare an administrative study of your department to fit your needs:
  • a general administrative study can examine staffing needs and combine this with a review and analysis of the top high liability areas within your department
  • a limited administrative study can objectively and quantitatively measure staffing levels or offer specific recommendations on operational or administrative concerns

          Management studies can be a pro-active way of preventing lawsuits and reducing your risk of liability. These can also put your politicians on notice as to deficiencies within your department that they should correct once they are made aware of them.

          We have more than twenty years of experience in working with dozens of agencies in the area of correcting specific operational and administrative concerns and/or writing management studies.

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