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Do you have a current and complete police policy manual?

          If the answer is "no," then be prepared to lose the next lawsuit that is filed against you and your department.

  How confident are you that your police policy manual can withstand legal scrutiny in your next lawsuit?

          A current and complete police policy manual is the most important step you can take to defend yourself against litigation. It is the FIRST thing that a defense lawyer wants to see. (Don't wait for an overpriced defense lawyer to hire a "police expert" to make you look bad in front of the jury!)

  Do you have the time and expertise to compare your current police policy manual with professionally recognized standards for police departments?

          When was the last time your police policy manual was completely reviewed? That's the type of question that you may have to answer in court ... are you prepared? Too many administrators only review an individual policy after an incident happens. This is too "reactive" and leaves you and your Department open to the likelihood of successful litigation.

There are too many people waiting to sue you!
  "Police Management Services" offers you the following options:
  • We can compare your current police policy manual with professional police standards currently in place. (This is what a good defense litigation lawyer will do after he files a lawsuit against your department.)
  • We can write up-to-date police policies to fill in the gaps of what might be missing in the manual you now have.
  • We can write a complete police policy manual tailored specifically to fit the needs of your police department (and which correspond with professional law enforcement standards that may already be in place in your state.

          We have more than twenty years of full-time experience working with dozens of agencies in the area of police policy analysis. We have worked with agencies as small as one full-time officer to several thousand officers.

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