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We specialize in providing support to small and medium-sized police departments in the areas of management studies, police policies and procedures, police policy manuals, accreditation, training programs and correcting specific management problems.

"The mission of "Police Management Services" is to make your department better than it is now. We can provide services that too many administrators ignore until it is too late."

Some departments waste precious resources (time, money and manpower) without accomplishing necessary goals and objectives (like achieving accreditation). Others ignore internal administrative or operations concerns (like the lack of a current and complete policy manual). Some executives may not have the time or expertise to either objectively determine staffing levels or they may need an outside opinion regarding issues such as training, supervision, evidence handling, consolidation, etc. With the number of lawsuits rising each year against police departments, you cannot afford to ignore deficiencies in your department.

We want to reduce the risk of lawsuits,

lower your liability when lawsuits do occur and make your department pro-active against litigation rather than re-active There are too many people waiting to sue you!

Michael Carpenter is the founder of "Police Management Services".

He has more than twenty-five years experience in law enforcement related positions (municipal police department, state police agency, state-wide police training specialist for New York State and college professor). Since 1988, he has worked directly with a variety of police departments ranging in size from no full-time officers to more than 4,000 officers in the areas of managements studies, police policies and procedures, accreditation and risk management. For more than a decade, Mr. Carpenter worked full-time with the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services. He was assigned to the Administrative Studies Unit and evaluated a variety of police departments across the State. He prepared a management study for each one and acted as a "problem solver" in resolving various administrative and operational concerns in these agencies.

In addition, he was one of two people originally responsible for developing and implementing the nation's first state-sponsored law enforcement accreditation program.

He eventually served as Program Coordinator for this state-wide program that had as many as 250 agencies participating ranging in size from no full-time officers to more than 4,000 full-time officers. He assisted more than 65 agencies to successfully achieve accreditation or re-accreditation certification. Since leaving that position in 1998, he has focused on this management service business.

He has a unique blend of practical experience, supervisory and administrative skills, academics and training.

He holds two Masters' Degrees, has more than ten years experience in supervisory and mid-level administrative positions, offers demonstrated writing and research skills, and has more than twenty years of full-time experience in "problem solving" administrative and operational concerns for a wide variety of police departments while working with New York State and through this consulting business.He has the type of background that can make your department better than it is now!

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