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Online Training for Police Supervisors

  You NEED Supervisory Training

In light of the pressures placed on police supervisors, and the scrutiny they endure after any critical or high profile incident, it is imperative that every police supervisor gain all the help they can get to help them to be successful.

According to our research, only eight states in the country have laws requiring a minimum level of training for new police supervisors and our research shows there is no state that mandates in-service training for supervisors. Although many progressive police departments do train their newly promoted sergeants and lieutenants, a recent nationwide survey found that 70% of experienced police sergeants and lieutenants rated their initial supervisory training as either inadequate or totally nonexistent. Of course, unfortunately, even if a newly promoted supervisor is fortunate to receive initial supervisory training, it is not likely they will receive any additional and on-going training after that.

That's where this course can help. It is designed to help law enforcement officers learn their trade, become successful and help them protect themselves from criticism through professional training.

  The Training Program

There are 15 lessons in this training program and each lesson has reading assignments and writing assignments. There is no timeline to complete this class, but we recommend that students set a target of completing all work within 4-6 weeks. We used to travel to academies and present a 5-day basic supervision/leadership program. Basically, this is a modified on-line version of that same program.

This training will enhance your supervisory skills, make your job a lot easier and make your career more successful. All good reasons to enroll. Students who complete all course requirements will receive a certificate of completion to validate the 3 C.E.U.'s awarded for this course.*

  Class Registration

Registration for this training is simple. We need a mailing address and an e-mail address as most of our correspondence is done via e-mail. Students who complete all course requirements will be mailed a certificate of completion to validate the 3 C.E.U.s awarded for this course. Registration fee is $225. which includes two e-books. Unfortunately, we do not accept credit cards but will accept PayPal, Venmo, personal checks or money orders (made out to: Police Management Services) or purchase order numbers from agencies.

This supervisory training program is open to members of any police, public safety or security agency. It doesn't matter if you are a newly appointed supervisor in a large urban department or a 20-year veteran in a small town or rural sheriff's department or a police officer looking for some supervisory training in anticipation of an upcoming promotion. Rest assured that it doesn't matter in this course the ability to become an effective supervisor is a skill that is critical no matter what size agency you work in, what type of agency you work for or where you are located geographically.

Please contact us at MCarpenter@policemanagement.com if you need more information or have any questions.

  Online Training

Online training is a proven method of learning. Almost every college and university now uses online courses as part of their pedagogy. Online learning is like a "classroom" class except instead of listening to the lecture material, you read it. You complete written assignments and take a final exam, just like a "classroom" class. This on-line training class also offers you the opportunity to question the instructor or discuss a point that isn't clear to you by simply emailing your instructor with a question or problem that you are having.

  Course Syllabus

Module 1
Lesson 1 - Role and Duties of a Police Supervisor (Part 1)
Lesson 2 - Role and Duties of a Police Supervisor (Part II)
Lesson 3 - Role and Duties of a Police Supervisor During Critical Incidents
Lesson 4 - Management Styles and Theories (Part 1)

Module 2
Lesson 5 - Management Styles and Theories (Part II)
Lesson 6 - Decision Making and Risk Management
Lesson 7 - Leadership Skills
Lesson 8 - Leadership in Action (Part 1)

Module 3
Lesson 9 - Leadership in Action (Part II)
Lesson 10 - Leadership Summary
Lesson 11 - Communication
Lesson 12 - Documentation

Module 4
Lesson 13 - Motivation & Morale
Lesson 14 - Delegation
Lesson 15 - Career Development
Final Exam

* Continuing education units (or CEUs) are awarded by training providers to signify successful completion of a non-credit program or training course intended to improve the knowledge and skills of working professionals. The CEU's awarded for this training program meet the guidelines set by the U.S. Department of Education.

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