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"In this case, we are asked to determine if a municipality can ever be liable under 42 USC, 1983 for constitutional violations resulting from its failure to train municipal employees. We hold, that under certain circumstances, such liability is permitted by statutes."

Canton v. Harris 489 US 378 (1989)

   Are you trying to solve specific or unique management problems within your department and need some outside help to get an informed answer?

          Each police department has their own unique and specific issues that need to be addressed. Sometimes a police executive may be confronting a particular problem that he has neither the expertise nor the time to properly address. We can research, evaluate and/or offer specific recommendations that may assist you in making your department better than it is now. A specific example of this unique and specialized service that we provide was a recent request to measure and evaluate the morale of a police department. We offered a detailed and specific report as to the current status of the morale of this department, as well as offering several recommendations for improving morale.

  Are you concerned about vicarious liability and/or worried about the state of your department in high liability areas?

          Where does your department stand compared to recognized and professional police standards and high liability areas, such as fiscal management, pursuits, use of force, training, supervision, policies and procedures, etc.? What needs to be done to bring your department "up to speed " in the areas that leave you most vulnerable to litigation? Are you prepared to defend yourself and your department if you are sued in one of these areas? We can offer a detailed and specific examination of your department in specific high liability areas and offer specific recommendations for improvements. The best case scenario is that you may get an objective outside opinion that you are doing everything right .... the worst-case scenario is that you may be warned about some issues that should be corrected before you are involved in litigation.

There are too many people waiting to sue you!
  "Police Management Services " can provide specific guidance to help you resolve individual problems or concerns that you or your department is facing.

          There are too many lawyers that are waiting for you to make a mistake. It seems like lawsuits are being filed every time a suspect is handcuffed! Lawyers are well aware of the "secrets" of successfully suing a police department they look for policies, training records, documentation and any effort that is less than a "good-faith effort " to prevent problems. They also know where to hire "expert police witnesses" that can make you look very bad on the stand if you are not doing what you should be doing.

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