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"Recognizing that supervisory liability can extend to the highest levels of state government , we have noted that liability ultimately is determined by pinpointing the persons in the decision making chain whose deliberate indifference permitted the constitutional abuses to continue unchecked."

Shaw v. Stroud 115 S.Ct 67 (1994)

  Would you like to become accredited, either through a state-level accreditation program or through CALEA?

          The advantages of achieving accreditation are numerous: it provides you with independent confirmation that your department has met a set of professional police standards; it provides a positive and pro-active defense against litigation; it can result in significant savings on insurance premiums.

  Are you currently participating in an accreditation program but aren't meeting your deadlines due to lack of time, manpower or expertise?

          As you may already know, the process of accreditation can be a drain on your existing resources... yet there are valuable benefits to achieving accreditation. Rather than drag this project out for several years, while draining your manpower and resources, you can complete this quickly by drawing on our expertise.

  Are you being "encouraged" to get accredited by your elected officials or insurance company or community, but don't know where to begin?

          Many administrators are facing staffing shortages, budget cuts, increasing calls for service.... AND the pressure to get accredited. Getting started on the right path, getting organized and understanding the process can save you time, manpower and resources.

There are too many people waiting to sue you!
  "Police Management Services" offers you several options:
  • We can work with you through the entire accreditation project, from signing the application to accepting the accreditation certificate.
  • We can act as a "problem solver" for specific issues you may encounter at any time during the accreditation process.
  • We can help you get organized, train your accreditation manager and set you up so that you are on the right track without wasting your manpower and resources.

          For more than ten years, Michael Carpenter worked full-time with the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services. He was one of two people originally responsible for developing and implementing the New York State Law Enforcement Accreditation Program. This was the nation's first state-sponsored law enforcement accreditation program. He eventually served as Program Coordinator for this state-wide program that had as many as 250 agencies involved ranging in size from no full-time officers to more than 4,000 officers. He assisted more than 65 agencies to successfully achieve accreditation or re-accreditation certificates.

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